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  • Prices are subject to change until payment has been made
  • Bookings are subject to availability to spaces and resources
  • Eligibility criteria may apply
  • Lowest prices would be special offer prices for certain venues, you may require to scroll through available dates and venues in order to find the lowest price, or you may call us on 0203 691 4127.
  • 1 Ace London or its affiliates/associates may substitute the venue of training with another suitable venue of its choice and notify candidates via email, text or telephonic ally up to 12 hours prior to the start of the course.
  • We may advertise a course for same dates at multiple venues but if the course is not financially feasible at multiple venues within the same city (minimum of twelve confirmed learners) we may substitute the venue and ask learners to commute to another venue to get suitable number of learners to make the training financially feasible.
  • Full attendance is required, late arrivals are not accepted on any of our courses.
  • For spaces reserved online, via email or telephonic ally, the client will be liable for the full balance outstanding on the first day of the course.
  • In the event of cancellation by 1 Ace London or its affiliates/associates, damages may only be limited to a full refund of the course fee. Cancellation does not constitute as rescheduling to another date. Incise the course is rescheduled to a later date the learners will be intimated at least 12 hours before the start of the training.
  • Dispatch of certification by the concerned center is arranged by 2nd class recorded charges may incur. The candidate has the option to pick up the certificates physically from the training center for that he/she should intimate 1 Ace or its affiliate/associate in advance.
  • 1 Ace or its affiliates/associate accepts no liability for misplaced certification and candidates will be responsible to pay any awarding body charges in respect of replacement certification.
  • Pass Guarantee applicable to SIA qualifications: In the event that a candidate fails an exam, a free re-attendance of the training element will be arranged by 1 Ace or its affiliate/associate and the candidate will have a free re sit, we shall not charge for the examination papers (Administration charges may apply, the same shall be clarified on the first day of the training and would be elaborated in the contract of services).
  • Clients are responsible to provide accurate information as to the physical address where certification will be dispatched using clear handwriting.
  • In the case of ID validation forms used by awarding bodies, the onus on the candidate is to ensure that his name is written in the correct format and the spellings are correct, failure to do so will result in the candidate being liable for administration costs charged by the awarding body for correction.
  • During any travel abroad or within the UK whether it is for training purposes or otherwise, the client is responsible for arranging their own insurance and we or our associates does not accept any liability.
  • Any form of uncivil behavior at the premises will lead to exclusion from the course for which no refund will be made.
  • Free courses may be available to terms and conditions and number of students per batch, we might offer you a supplementary course with your main course as free. Filling in the details that you give us to seek a free course does not guarantee you a placement in a particular course free of cost. (All promotions as regards to price and courses would only be for our Forest gate venue in east London)
  • The jobs in security or any other sector that 1 ace security ltd might be dealing with are not guaranteed , contacting us by submitting the online application form or coming to our venue for a job interview does not guarantee a job, and 1 ace security ltd will bear no liability in any form, for security sector 1 Ace Security does not provide direct employment and acts as an agency, 1 Ace Security does not have any direct contracts or subcontracts with any client in the field of security services regulated by SIA.
  • We shall act as an agency as regards to employment.
  • 1 Ace Security may or may not provide training directly but through its affiliates/associates. The affiliates/associates providing approved SIA qualifications are accredited by different awarding bodies and fulfil the relevant criteria as laid down by the concerned regulator.
  • Once we arrange your training through our affiliate/associate partners, all the liability as regards to certification and administrative arrangements shall be the liability of our associate.
  • The responsibility of 1 Ace security shall be limited to arranging training through an approved training provider. Conduct of training as per SIA and concerned awarding body guidelines remains the responsibility of the training provider.
  • Normally the certificates for SIA linked qualifications arrive in 10 working days but it can be delayed indefinitely as it’s the prerogative of the awarding bodies to issue the certificates.
  • 1 Ace Security Ltd or its associate or affiliate may retain copies of your IDs for a reasonable period of time.
  • The associates/affiliates of 1 Ace Security may retain the certificates of learners for a specific period of time, if the learner fails to collect the certificate the center will bear no responsibility, the period to retain the certificates by the Center may be limited to a period of one month.
  • The company i.e. 1 Ace London or its affiliates may cancel or postpone the course or training session completely or a part of it if it is not financially feasible. The compensation shall only be limited to the part or full refund of the training fee paid by the learner.
  • Privacy Policy: We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal confidential information received will only be used to complete your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information. The information will only be used by us or the training provider offering the training. We shall not ask for sensitive information and we do not hold your financial information once you do an online transaction to pay for the fee of a course.
    • “We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any third parties”
  • Refunds Policy: You are eligible to a full refund excluding the processing charges if you cancel your course 45 days before the start date and send us an email at If the time left for the course is less than 45 days you shall not be eligible for a refund, however you can transfer your booking to someone else and intimate the details of the candidate to us seven days before the start date of the course. No refunds are applicable after the course date. No refunds are applicable if you do not show up on the course. No refunds are applicable if you are late for training.
  • Complaints Procedure: Once you have been trained by an approved training provider and you are not satisfied by the conduct of training, you may lodge formal complaints to that training provider using their complaints policy and procedure. If you are not satisfied by the outcome of their solution you can raise the level of your concern or compliant with the relevant awarding body. The information on how to approach the awarding body will be available with the training provider. If any individual or entity ( for example, but not limited to training providers, awarding organization or regulator) may have a concern with our business model may contact us at
  • Anyone who seeks our services confirms that he has understood the terms and conditions. Should there be a requirement of any explanation to a particular clause in these terms and conditions the same should be clarified by emailing your query to at least two weeks before the date of delivery of service by 1 Ace Security or its affiliates/associates.
  • Online reservations are refundable ( See refunds policy above)
    • If you do not agree with the result of an assessment, you have the right to ask for remarking of an assessment. To re assess and remark a particular assessment the charges would £70 per assessment, which would be payable in advance before the assessment is remarked. Once the assessment is remarked and if the result is changed you would be refunded the remarking charges. Incase the result does not change you would not be refunded the fee that you have paid for re marking.
  • Explanations
    • Training Associate or Affiliate: The word associate or affiliate applies to any organization or entity providing services to 1 Ace Security. As regards to qualifications and training the associate or affiliate will be authorized to conduct training and will be approved for the conduct of that particular activity by relevant regulators.
    • Awarding Bodies: These are organizations that are authorized to issue awards, certificates diplomas once their relevant criteria have been met. They are approved and regulated, to find out more please visit Ofqual.
    • Compliance and Due Diligence: For any course that you do with our associates regulated by different regulators, the onus to ensure the compliance rests with the service provider, all service providers that we shall refer a candidate shall be approved by concerned regulators.
  • Security equipment All the security equipment being sold through this is site is by third parties using the Amazon system. All guarantees are provided by Amazon using their terms and conditions and contractual agreements with their suppliers.
  • Disclaimer
    • All possible efforts have been made to provide accurate information, however we do not take any liability for the correctness of the information, and we would not be responsible in case of any loses or damages suffered due to the use of sight.
    • You may use the information provided on the website at your own risk and expense.
Door Supervisor Course

This is a 6 days training, it allows you apply for your SIA Door Supervisor licence

SIA CCTV Licence

This is a 3 days training, it allows you apply for your CCTV licence

SIA Security Guard Licence

This is a four days training, it allows you apply for a security guarding licence

SIA Close protection Licence

15 days training allows you to apply for close protection licence

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