SIA Door Supervisor Training Birmingham

The SIA door supervisor course is the most popular security-related qualification in the UK. We conduct this training every week in Birmingham. We have a very high pass rate and pride our self on our customer service. We aim to provide you with your results in five working days.

Important information about the course

  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Timings: 0900 to 1730 hrs
  • Assessments: 4 examinations (multiple choice)
  • Price: £199 (Book Online)
  • Pay deposit only, rest on the day

Entry requirements

You must be 18 years and above. You should have a fair degree of understanding of the language i.e English.

Documents required for this course

The door supervisor course is an intensive course. The training includes theory as well as the physical intervention practical training. There are three theoretical modules and one theory/practical module. Details of the modules for the door supervisor qualification is as following

Module 1 (Working in the private security industry)

  • Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry
  • Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Emergency Procedures
  • The Private Security Industry
  • Communication Skills and Customer Care

Module 2 (Working as a Door Supervisor)

  • Behavioral Standards
  • Civil and Criminal Law
  • Searching
  • Arrest
  • Drugs Awareness
  • Recording Incidents and Crime Preservation
  • Licensing Law
  • Emergency Procedures

Module 3 (Conflict Management)

  • Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
  • Defusing Conflict
  • Resolving and Learning from Conflict
  • Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Door Supervisors

Module 4 (Physical Intervention Skills)

  • Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Disengagement Techniques
  • Escorting Techniques

The reason the door supervisor course is popular is because of the obvious advantages of the security guard license. With the door supervisor license, you can work as a door supervisor as well as a security guard. The difference in the training cost between both of them is very little and the cost of their license remains to be the same.

The general idea about the door supervisor qualification and the license is that a door supervisor can only work in night clubs and pubs. However this is a misconception, in fact, with this license you can work at any licensed premises including night clubs and pubs, besides Asda, Tesco and restaurant hotels generally would be licensed premises. So in nutshell, a door supervisor can work as a door supervisor and he can also work as a normal security guard as well.

Where the training would be held

The door supervisor training can be conducted at any premises in Birmingham. The address is Elite House, 70 Warwick Street, B12 0NL Birmingham.

This venue is ideally suited for the learners from all over Birmingham as well as the Midlands.

Frequently asked questions about door supervisor training

When will I get my results?

The results usually would be available in five working days. Let’s say you have finished your training on Sunday. Your result should be available on Thursday the following week.

When will I get my door supervisor certificate?

Your certificate can take around ten working days from the last day of your training.

Should I wait for my certificate before I apply for my license?

You don’t have to wait for your physical certificate. Once we tell you that you have passed, after that you can go to the security industry authority website and apply for your license.

When can I start working as a door supervisor?

You cannot work as a door supervisor in the security industry till the time you have your license with you. The training takes four days, after four days it takes around five days for your results to come in. Once your results are available and you have qualified you can apply for the license. The Licence normally comes within 25 working days.

Is the course easy?

The course is set at level 2 which means it is an entry-level qualification. Although there are no specific requirements to attend the training. However, you are expected to have a working knowledge of English. Ninety percent of the learners qualify in the first attempt.

What if I fail?

You can take a resit, for that you don’t need to come for all four days. You will just come and resit the exam for the module that you have failed.

Door Supervisor Course

This is a 6 days training, it allows you apply for your SIA Door Supervisor licence

SIA CCTV Licence

This is a 3 days training, it allows you apply for your CCTV licence

SIA Security Guard Licence

This is a four days training, it allows you apply for a security guarding licence

SIA Close protection Licence

15 days training allows you to apply for close protection licence

Door Supervisor

£9.5-£15 Per Hour
What Jobs Can I Do?
Retail Security Officer
Corporate Security Officer, Banks, Buildings
Door Supervisor Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants
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Most Popular

Door Supervisor + CCTV + 1st Aid

£11-£16 Per Hour
What Jobs Can I Do?
CCTV Operator
Appointed Person
Retail Security Officer
Corporate Security Officer, Banks, Buildings
Door Supervisor Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants
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£9-£12 Per Hour
What Jobs Can I Do?
CCTV Operator Only
CCTV Control Rooms for Banks, Buildings etc
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Security Guard

£8-£9 Per Hour
What Jobs Can I Do?
Retail Security Officer
Corporate Security Officer, Banks, Buildings
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